New valve cover gasket for cummins late l10 and m11 engines

Federal-Mogul announces the availability of a new FP Diesel Valve Cover Gasket covering the Cummins late L10 engines and the M11 engines.  FP Diesel p/n FP-3883220 covers engines with the 16 bolt valve cover configuration.

This new FP Diesel valve cover gasket repair solution is the result of over a year of material development and testing by Federal-Mogul aftermarket engineers. Unique operating demands meant producing an elastomer compatible with the new extended life engine oils, as well as addressing the noise isolation properties of the OE gasket material, but for the aftermarket service environment.

As an industry leader in elastomeric development, innovator in molded rubber gasket design and pioneer in valve cover / oil pan noise isolation systems, Federal-Mogul was able to design a longer lasting gasket material than the silicone material used by other aftermarket suppliers. The FP Diesel gasket material developed for this application is compatible with used diesel engine oil. Plus the material durometer and damping characteristics of the FP Diesel gasket deliver like-new performance to the OEM noise isolation system and thrive in replacement applications.

You will find other gasket suppliers using low grade silicone elastomers for this application. These low grade silicone gaskets do not match up to the noise isolation damping characteristics of the OE part. Plus deviating from the matched elastomers and premium technologies needed to address the unique sealing demands of this operating environment will result in undesirable noise levels and the gasket degrading over time and leaking.

The FP Diesel product line includes all the engine parts needed to rebuild the Cummins L10 and M11 engines, including FP Diesel Valve Cover Gasket p/n FP-3034855, which covers engines with 14 bolt valve cover configuration.

The FP Diesel Upper Engine Gasket Set, p/n FP-4025157, includes Federal-Mogul’s innovative Blue SealÒ head gasket (p/n FP-4022500). It’s part of the growing family of FP Diesel gasket sets that include the Blue Seal cylinder head gasket technology.


NOTE:  For this application, valve cover gaskets are not packaged in cylinder head gasket sets following OEM packaging recommendations, and must be ordered separately.

FP Diesel Part Numbers and Pricing:

FP Diesel P/N Description Application U.S. Unit Price
FP-3883220 Valve Cover Gasket Cummins Late L10 / M11 $42.87
FP-3034855 Valve Cover Gasket Cummins Late L10 / M11 $51.06

Upper Engine
Gasket Set

Cummins Late L10 / M11 $167.03