Federal-Mogul Training: “On the Road Again”

Once again, the high levels of quality found in Federal-Mogul training can also be found beyond the walls of our St. Louis Technical Education Center (TEC). This is an opportunity to continue to connect with global customers - providing training to technicians, and emphasize the importance of our premium-quality products. Likewise, the export markets have had a significant increase in lower-quality products, and in some cases, even non-branded products from China. It is easy for consumers and service technicians to be misguided in determining the difference between premium-quality brands and low-end products in the market. In each of the seminars, a brake micrometer and a free oil change was raffled for mechanics and countermen. In addition to providing technical training, our main focus was to communicate the safety, performance and durability characteristics of our Wagner friction product so that our customers better understand what’s in our packaging.

Technical Seminar: Brake Systems & Diagnostics

On June 17th of 2014, John Mendez of Federal Mogul Motorpart’s Global Trade division, arranged for Rick Kearns, one of our Master ASE certified instructors from our Federal-Mogul Technical Education Centers to take our training curriculum abroad to another country. The general topic of the seminar was “Brake Diagnostics” presented by Rick Kearns, whom for the most part, has a genuine passion to teach diagnostic tips, techniques, and most of all, today’s vehicle concerns in the automotive sector. This seminar was offered to mechanics and countermen at Horace’s Garden Restaurant in (San Fernando) the south of Trinidad.

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