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Federal-Mogul Training: “We’ve Taken It on the Road”

The high levels of quality found in Federal-Mogul training can also be found beyond the walls of our St. Louis Technical Education Center (TEC). As field seminars are held all year long throughout the US, several key markets abroad have been targeted as an appendix to Federal-Mogul’s “on the road” field seminars. The seminars are composed of a three-hour presentation given by one of Federal-Mogul TEC’s Master ASE certified instructors on selected topics. These seminars are designed for the professional technicians, countermen, purchasing supervisors, and local sales force, and are usually presented during the evening hours to maximize attendance and minimize time away from the shop.


- March 20th of 2013 Technical Seminar: Moog Chassis Training – Tips and Techniques

- March 19th of 2013 Technical Seminar: Diagnosing Today’s Delivery Systems

- Federal-Mogul Condecorado con el “Art Fisher Memorial Scholarship Award

- June 2009: Brake and Suspension technical seminar

- March 24th: Miller's Auto Parts & Service center, Auto House, and BAM Service

- March 25th: Moog steering and suspension Wagner

- March 27th: future in wheel end service and the technologies